Friday, September 24, 2010

jam!!!S. is one of the Dopest artists in the DMV

All the time people always ask "Who did your logo?"
And I have to tell them, one of the dopest artists in the DMV.
jam!!!S. is a talented young man who coincidentally I knew growing up. He's always had a notepad and pencil as far as I could remember. So it totally made sense that he followed his passion and is a graphic designer.

When you're trying to give a face to your brand/company, it's a real difficult decision trying to find the right artist who would be able to depict what you have envisioned. With out hesitation I knew he was the artist who would be able to make BluVision what she is today. And every time I look at her myself or I get the endless compliments on how she looks, it confirms that I made the best choice.

So if you're looking for someone to do any: FLYERS, LOGOS, TATTOOS, ALBUM COVERS, T-SHIRTS... ANY thing! Make sure you check out:

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